hand with wizypuzzle WizyPuzzle is a game based interface where you can test your skills with puzzles, brain teasers, trivia etc and keep your brain engaged and entangled.

Modules: There are more than 100 modules available each having 100 puzzles to solve. Each module is a combination of different types of puzzles which keeps the student engaged throughout.

Wizypuzzle has a collection of interesting and intriguing puzzles and brain teasers that are submitted by experts, volunteers and community members. Wizypuzzle offers a rich interface that keeps you hooked with these puzzles. All the modules are interactive, stylish and responsive in nature.

Puzzles are considered as exercise to the brain, like the physical exercise is to the body. Wizypuzzle is made with an objective to take puzzles not only for fun, but as a brain fitness program more importantly. Our modules are designed in a way to emphasise the puzzle based learning to help people learn better in various disciplines.

Each module contains various puzzle genres (types) that target specific brain areas. By doing these puzzles, specific areas of brain is stimulated. Having said that there is no empirical way to reveal that a specific puzzle is capable of activating a specific part of your brain.