Loved the puzzles and more importantly, the look of the software. No unwanted objects in the dashboard or even in the modules…..neatly designed Arun K - Singapore

Million thanks to the makers…, I don’t have to roam around for finding brain teasers anywhere else….really amused to see this large collection of puzzles. Rohith Sudhakar - Dubai

Simple and effective app….tried initially for my son, but now an addict of these brain modules. It’s more like a family game now. Nidhin Raj - India

Great application to our students. We have made a special session in our school to keep the students engaged. Appreciate if you can create a teacher led modules. Prajeesh Kumar - Kuwait

Some of the puzzles are sheer classic. Thanks the entire team behind the handwork goes in making the teasers and all…Brilliant. Sayooj - Banglore

Puzzles and teasers at one place. Great. Am playing the game on almost everyday and feel like I have conquered the Tharun - UAE